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The Crolla Story

Our family started their Scottish Italian story, many years ago, journeying from their humble beginnings in the mountain village of Picinisco, making their way across Europe, to settle, eventually, in Scotland, to make their living.

Of the great diaspora, that spread Italians across the globe, none, could have been more improbable, than their settlement in the remote, rainy Scotland. However, the affinity between the Scots and the Italians was instant. Scotland challenged Italians, but ultimately accommodated them and, in turn, the Scots and Italians learned from each other.

The culinary imprint of Italians can be seen everywhere on British streets. Walk down any major city street, and you will likely find, an Italian, or a descendent, selling ice cream, fish and chips, or, food inspired by their homeland.

There is much debate, as to how Italians entered the fish and chip trade, but their culinary and commercial abilities led them to re-invent the traditional fish and chip shop and add a flavour of their Italian roots.

Our Father, Walter Crolla, was a purveyor of fine fish and chips from shops such as; Vittorios, named after his late father, and the Lido Café in Helensburgh, while using his skills as a chef to elevate the quality and choice of food available.

The Italian Club Fish pays nostalgic homage to all that fish and chips has given to our family, and the huge part it has played in our Italian story, while marrying it with the Mediterranean seafood specialties of our origins.

Rosaria and Gabriella Crolla

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